Top 8 Tattoo Spots

Tattoos are an art. It is a form of expression.  People get tattoos for many different reasons. We can say that a tattoo is as unique as the person who gets tattooed or that a tattoo, just like any other thing related to a person, is an extension of their personality. Everything that a person owns or believes in reflects their core beliefs.  The clothes and shoes a person wears reflects how they portray themselves and how they want to be portrayed by others. Often times, tattoos have deep meanings.  They might be memoirs of family or friends, sayings, symbols or inspirational verses.


The placement of a tattoo is vital to many persons. That perfect spot is what everyone is looking for.   Some persons are bolder than others and prefer upfront, in your face tattoos. Others prefer a more subtle spot, one that they can conceal if they choose to.


Plan on getting a tattoo and don’t know where you would like to put it? Well, here are 8 top tattoo spots for you to consider.



  1. Collar bone

tattoo 1  Top 8 Tattoo Spots tattoo 1


Collar bone tattoos are cute and whimsical.  They can be shown or concealed to your delight.  Smaller tattoos are more suited for this area, as it is a very feminine and intimate spot.  It shouts sex appeal.


  1. Cleavage

tattoo 2  Top 8 Tattoo Spots tattoo 2Source


Yes…I did say cleavage.  Need more eyes on your you know what. I mean if you have a fabulous cleavage tattoo, how do you expect guys to keep eye contact. It’s like a magnetic force down there.  These tattoos are super sexy and make you look bold and confident.