Contouring-mania out of our hands!

Since Instagram has been invented, it has given people the chance to share with their friends and, basically, the world, whatever they wanted, from pictures of their pets to fun videos of them doing crazy things.

The latest trend is posting makeup tutorials and, in partiucular, contouring tutorials. This is, in fact, what’s really in vogue now; sculpting their faces using makeup to look flawless like all those celebrities we see daily on social networks.

The only issue with this is that, altough there’s nothing wrong with sharing videos of us contouring, people are getting crazy over makeup using kitchen tools, from knives to spoons, they just can’t stand away from doing that.

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If you have an Instagram account, you may have noticed that people are now obsessed with perfect contouring using kitchen tools and, if you were wondering, this phenomenon started slowly a few months ago and now people are starting to over-do it, not being able to stop posting tutorials over tutorials.

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So this happened (and it was about time!), Nikkie Tutorials, who is one of the currently best-known makeup Vlogger, has decided to troll makeup bloggers in a hilarious parody of a contouring tutorial.

Watch the video below:

Whether if you are an expert of Instagram makeup tutorials or the opposite kind of person who really can’t stand them, Nikki’s video will definitely make you laugh.

She starts contouring using every kind of kitchen utensil she can find, from a spoon to a cake whip. Apparently, not only Nikkie is a master at makeup and contouring, she also has demonstrated that she can be funny enough to produce a hilarious video on her Youtube channel.

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Makeup contouring has come a long way – from clown contouring, tape contouring or even contouring using a spoon, beauty vloggers  are trying it all to teach you how to have that perfectly sculpted look but now Vloggers are litterally using whatever they find in their house to contour and this is kind of funny already.

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After all of this, the only thing that can be said is that yes, those tutorials are hilarious, yes Nikki’s parody made us laugh out laud and yes, the internet is such a beautiful place.

People need to laugh right now and these exasperated makeup tutorials and parodies should definitely last longer because we want to see more of Nikkie’s fork and whisk. Plus, as a cherry on top, she ends the tutorial video like a pro, blending all together with a dish scrubber.

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