Denim shirts are finally back in fashion this Summer!

A woman’s wardrobe usually includes a great variety of garments and style choices and almost every one of us has had a jeans shirt at least once in their life. There is this weird mechanism in each woman’s life that leads her to but that fashionable item seen on that iconic celebrity. There has been a period when denim jeans shirts were really in vogue and, after that moment, some years ago, this garment has become a must-have for some women. The success of jeans shirts might be related to their versatility, letting us decide if we want to create an elegant or casual outfit.

Top rules to remember when you’re wearing a denim shirt are:

-Be brave and experiment with different materials and textiles

-Play around with colour combinations

-Combine elegant and casual garments to create a diversified outfit.

If you have a jeans shirt and you don’t know how to create a fashionable and trendy outfit, have a look below for some other tricks and tips.

-Denim on denim

If you feel brave and confident why not going for a denim on denim outfit?

To avoid the “tracksuit effect” you can combine two different kinds of denim, with different shades to create a beautiful variation of nuance. A lighter denim shirt looks amazing on a darker pair of jeans or a skirt.

Denim shirts are finally back in fashion this Summer! Denim On Denim Outfits 2


– With a skirt

Whether if it’s a mini, midi or maxi, it is one of the best combinations. If you use an elegant skirt, it will create a beautiful contrast with the denim shirt, creating a relaxed elegant style. On the other hand, it you wear a simple, plain skirt, you might want to embroider the shirt and create a casual yet stylish look.

Denim shirts are finally back in fashion this Summer! dasha vukobratovic white midi skirt denim shirt 10


– With a pair of shorts

Probably the best match for a denim shirt, in this summer vibe can be a pair of colourful shorts. You can play around with many kinds of combinations, from the colourful of printed shorts, to create a day outfit, to the black shorts, which will create a more elegant and dramatic night look.

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Jean shirts are versatile enough to be combined with almost every kind of print or colour, so layering tops and shirts will create a colourful, trendy outfit, suitable for both fall and summer season. With a crop top or with a hoodie, jeans shirts are always a great choice to create a layer effect in our outfit.


Denim shirts are finally back in fashion this Summer! denim jacket layers


-As a jacket

As you have seen, there are many ways of wearing a denim shirt and looking amazing both in a casual or elegant style. Also remember that denim shirts are now trending in urban, hip-hop style, so you could decide to buy an oversized denim shirt and use it as a jacket, just leaving it open and wearing another garment underneath.

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At the end of the day you can wear a denim shirt however you want but, following this tips and advices, you will look even more stunning than how you already do.

If you think that we have missed any styles or outfits just leave a comment below and don’t forget to share the article with your friends!