Designer maxi dresses for weddings

Rule number one when you are choosing a classy dress or an elegant frock for a wedding is to avoid the white colour, whether if you are going for a mini or a maxi dress.

But what’s the right dress choice then? Usually, although it could happen, it’s very unlikely that weddings have a theme or a dress code, so you have to figure out what to wear without feeling uncomfortable or out of place. If you are a short dress kind of person, there is plenty of choice out there as to the design and the hues, but for long dresses, usually the best choice is to decide to buy a designer maxi dresses, which are usually very expensive.

If you like maxi dresses and don’t know where to find an elegant one that doesn’t make you look like you’re going to the beach, have a look at the plenty of choice presented below; from the brightest to the darkest colours, from the most formal to the least formal and don’t forget to leave a comment or share the article.

The most well-known and distinguishable designers when it comes to elegant maxi dresses are Zuhair Murad and Elie Saab.

zuhair-murad-spring-2015-couture-20 (1)  Designer maxi dresses for weddings zuhair murad spring 2015 couture 20 1 1

Elie Saab.  Source

With their unique creations they can make every woman feel like a princess or a fabulous character from a Disney movie.

It is possible to shop these brands only online or in high fashion department stores, such as Harrods, but the price range in which their precious creations swing is way higher than an ordinary person’s one month salary, going from a minimum of £2,000+ to even more than £20,000 depending on how embroidered and exclusive the requested dress is.

Although many of us can’t afford these expensive (but beautiful!) dresses, there are are several e-stores that also have specific sections dedicated to “designer maxi dresses for weddings”, for example You can shop them here.

If you are looking for a specific maxi dress style or want something similar to Elie Saab or Zuhair Murab stunning dresses, you may find some interesting pieces at affordable prices, such as the Petula maxi dress, for £385.00 or the Constance maxi dress for £250.00.

image  Designer maxi dresses for weddings image

“PETULA” source

image (1)  Designer maxi dresses for weddings image 1

“CONSTANCE” source

So, here are some affordable maxi dresses that have nothing to wnvy to the haute couture maxi dresses. The price range does not exceed the £1,000.00 and that’s absolutely a great compromise if we want to get a designer maxi dress but we can’t afford an haute couture piece.

If you like transparencies and light fabrics, then have a look at this amazing Zuhair Murad maxi dress from Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

zuhair-murad-fall-winter-haute-couture-2014-18  Designer maxi dresses for weddings zuhair murad fall winter haute couture 2014 18 1


For less than £400.00 you can get this strapless designer maxi dress embroidered with transparencies from Forever Unique.

main_GEORGETTE_CORAL_SM1005_001  Designer maxi dresses for weddings main GEORGETTE CORAL SM1005 001 1


Otherwise, if you want to go for a more discrete and serious style, you definitely need to choose a black maxi dress which, not only enhances the curves of your body, but also reflects a great sense of style and elegance.

Below, Elie Saab’s Black Silk Georgette and Velvet Dress, on sale at Luisa Via Roma for £3864.00.

elie-saab-black-silk-georgette-and-velvet-dress-product-1-21932853-0-111102686-normal  Designer maxi dresses for weddings elie saab black silk georgette and velvet dress product 1 21932853 0 111102686 normal


If you can’t afford this “as gorgeous as expensive dress, then have a look at this Solstice black maxi dress with similar shoulders and a different fabrics, on sale for less than £500 on Forever Unique.

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