DIY barefoot shoes

Some researchers are supporting the thesis that running barefoot is better for us, thus, this is bringing to a revolution in the running industry, with people starting to toss their expensive running shoes, opting for sandals, barefooting or even making their own barefoot shoes.

If you want to know more about barefooting or how to create your own DIY barefoot shoes, watch the video at the end of the article and don’t forget to share it on social networks!

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Many sportswear brands, for this reason, have started producing almost-barefoot shoes, which are perfectly suitable for training and running due to their extremely light weight and the freedom of movement that they leave to the feet.

DIY barefoot shoes nike free flyknit sock


These are the Nike Free Flyknit shoes, but also other brands, such as ADIDAS, have launched similar shoes. Below, the Adidas NMD City Socks.

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We all have been at that stage once in our lives, when our mothers allowed us to walk barefoot at home during the summer period, when we wouldn’t risk to get a cold and that was just a great feeling (a part from having dirty feet afterwards).

Although there is a growing number of podiatrists, physical therapists, and coaches who support the theory that, nowadays, men spend too much time in shoes, leading to a weakening of many of the foot and leg structures, there are also many podiatrists who think it’s dangerous.

Dr. Stephen Pribut, for example, stated “Most of my patients aren’t world-class runners, it wouldn’t make sense for them to risk getting twigs and glass in their feet. And I think some soft surfaces increase plantar fascia and Achilles problems. Of course, what doesn’t kill you might make you stronger.”

On the other hand, to correct this and avoid injuring but still benefitting of barefooting you can walk barefoot around the house, or run barefoot a few miles a week on safe, secure surfaces.

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