DIY Candle Ideas

Candles are multipurpose creations.  Nothing is more comfy than the flickering of that gentle flame, illuminating the walls with a soft silhouette of any tangible thing in your home; pure coziness. Candles are often sold in almost any store you walk into.  Some candles attract a hefty price tag but people buy it just the same especially if it is unique and smells magical.

There is a myriad of uses for candles, they can be used for:

  • Romantic purposes (Candlelit dinner)
  • Making a room smell wonderful
  • When the power is out
  • A nice relaxing bubble bath

Among many other things.

Store bought candles can be packed with many dangerous toxins and harmful chemicals that are not safe to inhale.  Imagine lighting ten or fifteen candles, you would be polluting your house with these harmful chemicals that can potentially hurt your or your loved ones. Yikes!

But did you know that candles are fairly inexpensive to make and you can do it yourself right in the comfort of your own home?  All you need are a few things that you can literally get at any store near you.  And your own home made candles would be safer for the environment and free of many dangerous chemicals; almost organic if I might say so myself. So whether it be that you want just plain candles, scented or colorful, you can attain this quite simply.


So I have decided to share with you four do it yourself candle ideas.


#1.   Apple scented candles


Supplies needed:

Candle wax (3 cups)

2 Candle Votives

Sprinkles (colorful)

Candle wicks

Bowl (microwave safe)

Corn Syrup

Baked Apple Wax cubes



  1. Shred an existing candle or purchase candle wax flakes at your local store.
  2. Turn your glass votives on the side and pour about 2 tbsp. of corn syrup in them. Use a paint brush or your fingers to spread this around and make sure you get all the edges. This will get the sprinkles to stick.
  3. Pour sprinkles in and shake to coat the glass votive.
  4. Place wax flakes in a bowl along with the baked apple wax cubes and microwave for about 3 minutes.
  5. While the wax is melting, paste the wick using corn syrup directly in the middle of the glass votive.
  6. Pour the melted wax in the glass votive. Make sure to try to pour it directly in the middle. Let it set for about an hour before using.
  7. When your wax is cooled completely, cut your wick to desired length.


candle 1  DIY Candle Ideas candle 1



candle 2  DIY Candle Ideas candle 2


candle 3  DIY Candle Ideas candle 3




#2.  Lavender Calming candles


Supplies needed:

Soy candle wax


Wax pouring pot

Candle Jar

Lavender Essential Oils

Tabbed Candle Wick

Hot Glue


Tape and Scissors

Candy Thermometer




  1. Place wick in candle jar using hot glue and use scissors to cut tape and poke wick through to hold it in place.
  2. Weigh one pound of wax. Rule of thumb is one ounce of scent to one pound of wax.
  3. Melt wax in microwave (Soy wax melts way easier than paraffin wax). Periodically check the temperature of the wax. Soy wax works best with color and scent at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Add your lavender oil.
  4. Let wax lower to about 130 degrees before pouring into candle jar.
  5. Remove the wick holder and trim as needed.


candle 4  DIY Candle Ideas candle 4



candle 5  DIY Candle Ideas candle 5


candle 7  DIY Candle Ideas candle 7