Five Unique DIY Necklaces


Necklaces are very important accessories.  A beautiful necklace can help you to stand out from the crowd.  But let’s be honest, if you should go through your jewelry box right now, could you find a piece or two that you rarely wear? I’m guessing that you could. Why is this so? Could it be that it wasn’t really flattering?   Was it a fad that has long gone?


Time to go shopping then….BUT…

Have you ever been out shopping and just can’t seem to find what you want? Have a hard time being satisfied with what’s on the market?  Are those necklaces too big and bulky? Too dull? Or it just doesn’t match your flair?  Well, how about indulging in a few DIY projects to satiate your needs?  It’s quite simple and all you need are a few things that you can find around the house or at your local craft or stationery store.  Inexpensive, easy and beautiful are words to describe all these DIY necklaces.  We have necklaces for all different tastes and styles.  Feeling daring? Sexy? Suave?   Well, have your fill here with these five DIY necklaces.

     1. Collar Necklace with Rhinestones


necklace two  Five Unique DIY Necklaces necklace two


Simple and classy. This DIY unique necklace will surely be a hit with your friends. Be the envied one in town.  It can be done in the comforts of your home with simple resources from your local craft or stationery store, it is easier than it looks.

       2.  Pearls Collar Necklace

necklace four  Five Unique DIY Necklaces necklace four


This DIY necklace says class. It is simple yet sophisticated and doesn’t need a lot to pull it off. Don’t overdress with this collar necklace.  You should just keep it simple, but not basic. It speaks for itself.

     3.  Neon Gem Necklace

necklace five  Five Unique DIY Necklaces necklace five


This necklace says fashion statement. It is quite an easy DIY necklace that can be done in an hour or less. You can put a dash of your own style while creating this masterpiece to make it yours. It can be worn for a night out on the town with that sassy little black dress. ooh lala!


       4.     Chevron + Chain Necklace

necklace six  Five Unique DIY Necklaces necklace six


This bright and vivacious DIY necklace would be a great lunch look or even brunch. You could also wear it to a family barbeque or any family event in general. It is quite a unique necklace and doesn’t need much to pull it off. Pair it with casual slacks and a simple top to let it shine.

     5.  Vintage Buttons Necklace

necklace seven  Five Unique DIY Necklaces necklace seven


This vintage DIY necklace has a very complex look to it but it is very fashionable. It is the necklace of all necklaces. Pair it with a semi-formal or casual V-neck top or dress for cuteness overload. Wear it with confidence.




See one or two of these unique necklaces that you like? Don’t be afraid to take on this challenge. Dare to be brave. I mean, who else can satisfy you but you? Remember you can always put your own twists and styles on these necklaces so that they suit your personal needs. What are you waiting for? Find your nearest craft or stationery store and get cracking on these five unique DIY necklaces.

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