Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Fingernails

Your fingernails are the windows to your health.  Fingernails that are healthy and strong say a lot about what is going on in our bodies.  Take a look at your fingernails, do they look healthy and strong? Or do you see dents, ridges and areas of unusual color?  Many nail conditions can be avoided through proper care and treatment of your nails, others have a deeper meaning and may need medical attention.

Healthy Fingernails:

Fingernails are made up of laminated layers of a protein called Keratin, they grow from the base area of the nail under your cuticle.  Healthy fingernails are smooth, uniform in color, free from pit or grooves and free of discoloration.

Unhealthy Fingernails:

Unhealthy fingernails are

  • Discolored, have spots
  • Pits and grooves
  • Changes in nail shape like curling
  • Thinning or thickening of the nails

These are just some things to look out for but there are many others. If you notice any of these, seek medical attention to find out the cause.


Fingernail Do’s:

  1. Keep fingernails dry and clean.

nails 2  Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Fingernails nails 2


This helps to prevent bacteria from growing under your fingernail.  Wear gloves when doing the dishes, chores that include water or when using harsh chemicals.


  1. Keep nails trimmed and shaped

nails 1  Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Fingernails nails 1


Keeping nails nicely trimmed and shaped is not a hard task, plus it actually helps in keeping them healthy.  It also keeps them safe from tearing and splitting.


  1. Apply protection

nails 3  Do's and Don'ts for Healthy Fingernails nails 3


The application of a nail hardener might help in strengthening nails.

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