Everything you need to know about headpieces

Summer is finally here and, to give it a fresh twist to your hairstyle, follow the advices we give you below and be sure that this summer you will rock the headpiece game!
What’s trendy right now, in fact, is wearing such headpieces as bandanas, foulards and headscarves and, even though these items were once relegated as the “hairbands for Sunday morning cleanings” or as the 50’s bandanas found on vintage prints and souvenir photos, they are going to be super-popular this season.
So get ready to be inspired and learn many different ways of wearing a bandana so that this summer you will be the coolest one on the beach.
-Classic bandana
The classic bandana is the most well-known due to the high number of brands in which it has been featured. We’re talking about the classic Paisley print, usually find in colours like Red, white and black. This is the perfect alley if you want to give a twist to your hairstyle and feel fresh during the summer season when, we all know that, you really can’t stand having your hair leaning on the shoulders.

This kind of bandana is probably the favourite of many celebrities, including Rihanna.

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-Tribal print

As you can see from the picture below, tribal prints really suit any kind of hairstyle, from casual, wild loose hair to a more elegant and tidy collected hairstyle. Whether if you want to wear it as a headband or a turban, tribal prints will always be a trendy and modern choice for you.

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-Embellished band

From sparkly pearls and strass to delicate little flowers, an embellished headband is always a good way to twist your hairstyle and make it look more elegant or casual, depending on the occasion.

For example, if you are going to a wedding or a similar elegant ceremony and don’t want to spend too much on the hairstyle, you can choose to do a gathered hairstyle by yourself and use an embellished headband, if possible combined to your accessories,  to complete the hairdo with a glamorous touch.

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Otherwise, if you are a fan of loose hair, you can buy a headband with less embellishments so that it will look like a clip in your hair, still keeping your bangs tidy and out of the way.

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As I said before, embellished headbands can also be used in more casual contexts. For instance, if you are going to go to a festival or a gig, you can go for a flower-embellished headband, which will twist your outfit and give you a lovely summer feeling. Once you have this kind of embellished headband, you can also use it as a fashionable accessory to your bikini when you go to the beach and I guarantee that your friends are  going to love it!

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Lastly, we all know how fashionable boohoo clothes and accessories have become in the latest years; from maxi skirts to fringed bags, plenty of brands, such as H&M, are offering a variety of Bohemian inspired items. There is no exception for headpieces and, being this the festival season, girls are going crazy over boohoo headbands and strings. As you may know, there are many different ways of wearing them and the two most popular are as follows.

Parted hair: Usually with loose hair or a low-gathered hairdo, these boohoo chains are placed all around the heard, passing between the parted hair, leaning on the forehead.

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On the forehead: The simplest way to wear a boohoo headband. Simply place it all around your head and voilà!

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