Fancy dress designers

When it comes to fancy dresses and geometrical, bold prints, we straight away think about some specific designers, from Dolce and Gabbana to Moschino.

Although these garments are absolutely stunning and they are definitely worth the high prices, not all of us can afford a £3.000 dress, so we have conducted some research and, in this article, we will show you a list of brands or e-stores where you will be able to find trendy fancy dresses for way cheaper prices.

So get yourself at ease and prepare to be amazed by how many brands are currently selling amazing fancy dresses at very low prices!

  1. Floral patterns

Since the Summer season is almost here, the most seen around is the floral print, commonly in pastel colours and which brand is better in producing this kind of summer-y print if not Dolce and Gabbana?

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Alternatively to the beautiful but “not-so.affordable” Dolce and Gabbana dress above, on ASOS, you can find hundreds of designs with floral patterns, very close to the style of Dolce and Gabbana ones.

Image 4 of ASOS Deep Bardot Placed Floral Print Dress  Fancy dress designers image4xxl


2. Geometric patterns

If you are more of a geometric person and you prefer dynamic, structured garments and patterns, you probably are a Kenzo “square dress” fan (below).

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Cool, isn’t it?

Of course we are not expecting to find the exactly same dress for less than £100, that would be a dream coming true. But what we can show you is how easy it is to find other cheaper dresses and settle for less, at least as long as we still can’t afford these beautiful designer dresses. Below, a geometric dress from Love Clothing, for only £22.

Fancy dress designers white grid dress 1