10 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs

Months before your wedding is even due to take place, things must be set in order.  Much like your flower arrangements and cake, your nails should be top priority.  Just like your make up, your nails should be considered a work of art and as such be turned into a masterpiece of their own.


Traditionally, wedding nail designs used to be simple and plain (but nice looking.)  But nowadays, with all the advances that are taking place in the nail industry, how can your nails stay simple and plain?  It is almost as if we are being drawn into the hype (but the hype is a very good hype) and we MUST have fabulous nails.


The bridal party at a wedding are always under continued examination, especially the bride and the groom.  But, we all know that the bride is at the top of the list for scrutiny (and I don’t mean scrutiny in a bad way.) She is checked from the sole of her feet to the crown of her head- makeup, dress, shoes, hairstyle and you guessed it…her nails.


What design should you choose?

With a plethora of designs at your fingertips, it can be quite frustrating to choose just one nail design.  I have a tip for you, if you pick a theme (this is strongly advised) design your nails based on this, it will make the whole ordeal easier.  Make sure to do a trial so there are no embarrassing surprises on your blissful wedding day.


So, to make life a bit easier, I have gone ahead and compiled a list of 10 glamorous wedding nail designs to help you on your way.  Enjoy!


  1. Beach themed

Plan on having a beach wedding? Then these beach themed nails are just for you. A beach wedding can be one of the most relaxing weddings you could ever have, so let your nails join in the fun and looked relaxed also.

wed 1  10 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs wed 1




  1. Nude

Anything nude is always a hit.  A nude nail design for weddings is a common trend among brides.  An opaque or creamy color is most preferred, but you can mix it up a little to match your personality.


wed 3  10 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs wed 3



  1. Ombre

An ombre can be done with any color.  It is basically a type of manicure in which a gradient look is created.  It speaks volumes and would be wonderful on your wedding day.


wed 5  10 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs wed 5




  1. Glitter

Glitter is always nice, but too much can be a disaster and turn out tacky.  Be subtle with glitter to add a significant shimmer and pop to your nails on your wedding day.  Glitter can enhance any nails design that you choose.


wed 4  10 Glamorous Wedding Nail Designs wed 4