Great High Waist Shorts Tips

Remember back in the days, when anything that had a high waist would be considered something for older moms? Well, since of lately, the younger generation has been rocking this thing that has now become a trend.  From high waist skirts, pants to shorts, the possibilities of mixing and matching are endless and that’s a good thing isn’t it?


High waist shorts are very versatile pieces of clothing and rocking them can be super sexy (if you are on point) and cool.  Think that high waist shorts are for only the slim girls? Think again! Thick girls can rock whatever the slim girls are rocking and look cute just the same, you just have to find clothes that flatter and compliment your curves. Don’t let your body’s shape or size be a deterrence in your attire.  If high waist shorts are trending, why shouldn’t you be allowed to wear them?


With that said, let’s get down to the business of this list with great high waist shorts combinations…


  1. Crop tops are a definite go to with high waist shorts.

shorts 1  Great High Waist Shorts Tips shorts 1



  1. Tanks are always a good idea. Pair your high waist shorts with a tank and you’re ready to go.
shorts 2  Great High Waist Shorts Tips shorts 2