Have a Cape. Not Just For Superheroes.

When I say cape, it’s likely you think of a bright red, long flowing thing. Reserved for superheroes and others of the sort. Certainly not a fashion statement.

Except it is. And what’s more, there’s a mini cape. While the wrap around jacket of sorts with slits for the hands was named a cape, it hasn’t stopped there. The world of fashion, in all its upper-class glory, has constructed a smaller, classier, more outrageous design to go around the neck, and titled it the same. The stylish miniature cape. It’s sure to take your sweet and simple outfits into next-level fashion. Prepare to have heads turning and eyes grazing your neckline as you step out in such an inspiring piece as these texture-laden mini capes.

Black feather cape  Have a Cape. Not Just For Superheroes. Black feather cape