How To Pull Off Monochrome

Street style has always echoed monochrome. But now it’s time to make it happen out of your own wardrobe. Lately, there has been a fair bit of monochrome hype sliding around on magazine front covers. Kendall Jenner has taken to giving us exceptional demonstrations of the 100% block colour outfits.


hbz-kendall-jenner-1020 How To Pull Off Monochrome How To Pull Off Monochrome hbz kendall jenner 1020 Source


It seems that the days of mixing monochromatic tones are behind us. No longer are people wearing black and white shirts. Rather, they’re wearing white shirts, with white jeans and white jackets and white accessories. Monochrome seems to be powering a go hard or go home mentality.

There are a few things to remember if you plan on pulling off this particular monochrome craze. The first thing is layering. The beauty with monochrome, is that its simplicity (particularly with the neutral colour) allows room for excessive accessorizing. Don’t stop at two items of clothing. Push to six. Add a jacket and a scarf, shoes and a bag. Don’t hold back. Monochrome demands more.


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