Jewelry Trends 2016 From Runway

You must be wondering if jewelry trends 2016 are any enthralling that you must even bother pondering over. Perhaps, yes! There is always something enticing hurled by the designers through their mesmerizing collections on the runways. You must already have seen the glamorous handbags, the heartthrob footwear and various cuts and styles to flaunt your style like never before. Let’s cut the really long and interesting conversation to the point here, as we have curated the jewelry trends 2016, facilitating your prudent investments decisions. Yes, this is your spring fashion cheat sheet; don’t forget to add these Givenchy, Dolce & Gabanna, Guess, Carolina Herrera and Gucci sparkles to your wardrobe.

1: Headbands:

These hairpieces are everywhere on the runway – from exquisite gold pieces to sporty chunks and simple muffler coverings, there is myriad to choose from.

11 Jewelry Trends 2016 From Runway Jewelry Trends 2016 From Runway 11