Lace Cocktail Dresses 2016

If you have a cocktail dress-code looming on your calendar, don’t freak out. Lace. It’s 2016’s answer to cocktail dress style. It sounds cliche, yes, the long gown drowning in lace quota. But surprisingly, the look compiles a style that is remarkably less bridal, and delightfully edgy and on trend. Just when you thought you were going to have to drag out that ancient LBD that you’ve worn six times this year already, here is a solution. Open your wallet, because this is one dress style that you will need to buy.

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Black is always, without hesitation, the shade we dash for when the dress code resembles anything but casual. It’s failsafe, the way any style can look remarkably better in black. We like it because a black dress hangs nicer than a coloured one, flatters the figure better and also makes the wearer appear slimmer.

Funnily enough, in 2016, a black cocktail gown is not as available as one might think. Designers are swiftly determined to steer the fashion waters into bright block colours and sweet pastels. However, if you’re hellbent on wearing black, and unscathed by the fashion motions, why not try a short dress? Typically cocktail demands lengths in a gown, but we’re talking lace, and lace is elegant enough on it’s own. In our opinion, short dresses make great cocktail dresses providing it’s detailed enough.

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