Make-Up Tips for Summer!


Ladies summer is approaching, and a “summer body” is incomplete without beautiful skin! Here I will share with you a few of my top favorite tips for keeping my skin glowing in the summertime!

Okay, we all know makeup is a girl’s best friend, but before we worry about what is on top of the skin, we need to worry about what’s beneath the surface. Clear skin is the key to beautiful makeup application, and I have always enjoyed reaching for my Clean and Clear products. I personally love the Morning Burst Facial soap, with little bursting beads that refresh your skin every morning, then follow up with the Clean and Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. Here’s another tip: stay in one product line (if you can)! I know it is tempting to buy the hottest, latest skin care product, but, you will only end up with a face full of breakouts and a cabinet full of of unused products! Mixing different products can be too harsh on the skin, and could possibly leave your face worse than when you began! No one wants that!


Now that we have your skin fresh and clean we can move on to the fun stuff: Makeup! For a lightweight summer foundation, I enjoy using Maybelline’s Fit Me line. This foundation is medium to full coverage, yet affordable and amazing! This foundation manages to minimize pores and keep you feeling like your face is bare, which is perfect for those hot summer days! Combined with their face powder this duo is unbeatable and long-lasting! Again, I am a one-line type of girl, strictly out of preference and experience, so my go-to liner is also Maybelline! I enjoy their Line Stiletto liquid liner for a precise application. Liquid liner can be difficult, but this particlar liner makes it a little less stressful. For all of my girls that are still freaking out about the idea of liquid liner, my tip is to use their no-nonsense pencil liner. Of course we need mascara to set off our look, and it is –you guessed it– another Maybelline product! I have been in love with Great Lash mascara for years! It’s always my go-to whenever I need those big, bold, defined lashes. Finally, a summer look is absolutely nothing without luscious lips! EOS lip balm is hands down THE best product for maximum hydration that will protect you all day in the sun! They have so many yummy flavors to choose from, but make sure you try my personal favorite Passion Fruit! I hope these tips helped you out! Enjoy your summer ladies!


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