Six Makeup Blunders

I remember when I was a little girl, I would sneak into my mom’s room and paste my face with her makeup, I wanted to be prettier, I wanted to be like mommy.  A lot of girls rely on makeup to make a statement about themselves.  It boosts their confidence and makes them stand tall and proud knowing that their face is flawless.  Tragically, not all of us have been blessed with the art of makeup application. We dabble on this, that and a little more of this on our faces. We check the mirror (in dim bad lighting) and enter the bright sun filled world to bask in all those stares of oohs and awes. Suddenly to find out that the looks are not those of adoration, but pure mortification and indignation!! But put your hearts at rest, I am here to share with you six makeup blunders to stay clear of.

  1. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation


makeup  Six Makeup Blunders makeup



Too light or too dark a foundation can throw off your look.  This is number one on our makeup blunders list.  Please do not use the back of your hand to determine your foundation color. Apply at least two shades that comes close to your skin tone. Apply each to your jawline and go out in the natural light (the sun) with a mirror to judge for yourself which one looks more natural.


  1. Over Powdering


makeup 1  Six Makeup Blunders makeup 1



Translucent powder can be a good thing, but too much and turn you into your worst enemy.  Using too much translucent powder can leave you looking dry, “cakey” and white. It might also settle in your fine lines and wrinkles, making them more pronounced.  Choose a light powder and use it moderately where needed.  If your skin is oily, use blotting paper first and lightly apply powder. Don’t overdo it, it will turn into one of our worst makeup blunders.


  1. Wrong shade of blush or too much


makeup 2  Six Makeup Blunders makeup 2



Blush should complement your natural blush tone. Using a wrong shade of blush or too much can give you an unnatural look, more like Bozo the clown. Who wants to look like a clown? Choose the right shade for your natural blush and you won’t go wrong.


  1. Wrong under-eye concealer shade (illuminator)


makeup 3  Six Makeup Blunders makeup 3


The wrong shade of concealer can actually draw attention to the area you are trying to hide.  When buying concealer, test it on the back of your hand, if it is o.k there, chances are it will be fine for your face.  In general, orange concealer is said to be fine for most skin tones to conceal darkness.


  1. Applying foundation on dry, flaky skin


makeup 4  Six Makeup Blunders makeup 4



Exfoliate regularly and apply moisturizer day and night to your face.  No matter how creamy a foundation is, it won’t hide dryness or flakiness.  It will only exaggerate it, making you look old and dry.  For extra dry skin, you can always apply a moisturizer before foundation, this usually does the trick.


  1. Too much makeup


makeup 5  Six Makeup Blunders makeup 5


No, it doesn’t make you look prettier.  Your makeup should not be so thick that your eyelids look heavy. Not cute!  You can wear several different colors tastefully and blend them well.  If you are unsure if your makeup is too heavy, ask a close and honest friend.