Maori tattoos for women

From a symbolical and cultural point of view, are these tattoos just a fashion trend? Surely not, in fact, Maori tattoos for women date back to ancestral traditions of humanity, having their origins and roots and based on the most ancient peoples of the Pacific.

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These peculiar tattoos, with their sinuous lines and numerous symbols vehicle profound messages related to the ancestral world and, choosing a specific tribal tattoo should mean being aware of the message that it conveys; symbols of luck , fertility, eternity and freedom.

These Maori tattoos resist among the most appreciated by the visitors of laboratories specialized in piercing and tattoos bot in the Oriental and Occidental world.

An interesting fact to know about these tattoos is that they were used by Polynesians, mainly in New Zealand as a sacred rite which members of society underwent, from the age that marks the passage to adulthood.

In ancient times, in fact, tattoos were a method to cure the body and its diseases, but later, with the establishment of the first families, the meaning underwent some changes.

Primarily in the transition from juvenile stage to that of adult man and woman, the body was like a canvas to the tattoo, which was to be completed in time, recounting the experiences happening during the lifetime; like a drawing in progress.

Specifically, women employed the tattoos to put evidence on some important parts of the body, such as the ankles, wrists and hands.

The last one thing to know about Maori tattoos is that there are two different kinds, the Moko and Kirituhi.

The first is the classic facial tattoo of a full-blooded Maori, the Native American.


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