2016 – Need a Wedding Dress? Here’s ASOS Bridal

We’re not going to use the words Shotgun Wedding…but all we’re saying, is that if, for any reason, you’re looking for a quick, convenient, accessible and cheap alternative to that nine thousand pound designer gown you saw last week, ASOS.com has got you covered.

It is generally recommended for a bride to secure her wedding dress months before the actual wedding. It’s a costly industry with the luxurious fabrics and continuous fittings and alterations. Some brides have admitted to paying up to 1.5 million U.S. dollars for their gown.

So for those of you who are scouring the internet for something that is not going to exceed the price of your first car, is good and durable quality, and doesn’t look like it was made in a musky corner of an overheated factory (say no to slave labour), ASOS.com has produced the most beautiful of bargain gowns. Nobody will know that your man’s suit cost double, not even the most skeptical of guests.

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All hail the most gorgeous example of bridal simplicity alive today. A plunging neckline and subtle fishtail design, the dress embraces minimal pleats to provide texture and shape in the centre of the dress. For the elegant bride. And the good news…it’ll only set you back about 100 pounds! If you want to create a little more dramatic flair for your wedding style, try building it with an embellished hairstyle and excessive flowers.

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