Piercings: The 7 Best Spots

Piercings, why do we get them?


Whether you view it as mutilation or beautification, people get piercings for many different reasons.  But what is a piercing?  A piercing is a puncture made in your body by a needle.  Nowadays, people seem to want a piercing on every inch of their bodies.  Some like it and some don’t.  But we must remember that a person’s piercing is their own personal journey and they know the true meaning behind it.  With that said, here are the 7 sexiest spots to get pierced.


#1 Ear

The ear can be pierced multiple times in different areas like the rook, helix, daith and upper lobe among other places. Ears have been getting pierced for many years and seems like the most normal place to get pierced nowadays or for better wording the most “conservative” place for a piercing.  But whatever your choice be it 1, 2, 3 or even 4 piercings, it will be sexy and admired.


ears 1  Piercings: The 7 Best Spots ears 1



#2 Nose

A nose piercing can be one of the sexiest piercings to get. The nose like the ear can be pierced in different places. The septum, septril, high nostril and nasallang among others. You can change from knob to loop or whatever your heart desires and still look good.


ears 2  Piercings: The 7 Best Spots ears 2


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