Six ways of wearing a stylish maxi skirt

With the weather getting warmer we are starting to get bored of wearing those skinny jeans and we are definitely looking forward to summer comfortable clothes. In case you didn’t know that or you never had the chance to try it, stylish maxi skirts are the best garments to wear during the summer season to be fashionable and, most importantly, comfortable.

As every piece of fashion, you need to be conscious of your body shape, in order to make the best choice in terms of length and dress figure. You might find the picture from below really helpful to understand which body shape you have and which style suits you the most.

Bygxb  Six ways of wearing a stylish maxi skirt Bygxb


As you can see, if you have a petit body type you don’t have to feel put off by the skirt length because there are many stores who also sell smaller sizes of maxi skirts (such as Forever21) that will suit your body shape perfectly. Also, it is known that, wearing some sort of patterns, such as floral ones or stripes, you will appear slightly taller.

As to the curvy women, avoid wearing the skirt right on your hips, but place it slightly above in order to create a straight and more elongated silhouette line, moving away the attention from your belly or stomach.

Lastly, the taller women, who might find it a little easier to find the perfect skirt length. They can decide to wear the skirt on their hips, to create harmony within the figure and, also, if they feel comfortable with it, a crop top and a maxi skirt is actually the best combination for this body shape.

If you want to know more about maxi skirt outfit ideas, have a look at the tips below and don’t forget to share the article if you liked it!

– Sporty look

If you are more of a casual girl you may want to combine a neutral maxi skirt (grey, black, white) with a pair of sneakers, a plan T-shirt and a denim garment, such as a shirt or a jacket.

sporty_jacket_with_maxi_skirt  Six ways of wearing a stylish maxi skirt sporty jacket with maxi skirt


– Summer look