Hairstyle tips for sporty girls

Keeping a fashionable hairstyle in every situation is not that easy and, trying to control your hair when at the gym is probably even harder.

In the gym, if you do exercises in free or machines body, avoid the queue: especially if your hair is long, it always ends on the face during training. In this case, better to focus on a high chignon, positioned on top of the head, which does not give you any trouble even when you lie down, “advised Titian Rossi, chief trainer Jean Louis David.

-Gym fashion

After the bun, wearing a headband or bandana in nuance with gym outfit: serves to prevent some loose hair fall on your face and to control sweat.

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-Cool in the pool

The bun also works well in the pool, under the cap. In this case it is left soft, so it doesn’t tear your hair when they get wet. To do this, first create a twisted tail around itself, then secure it with a rubber band, which does not damage the hair during contact with water and chlorine.

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-Trendy runner

Yes to the high tail: no bangs sideways and prevents heat build-up on the neck.

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Choosing the products

For those who make outdoor sports just apply a product with UV filter before collecting the hair. In the pool, however, before you put the cap on, apply an emollient oil. It will protect them even more!

To get perfect hairstyle brush your hair well moisturized and tips with a moisturizer without rinsing; using these hair products will keep them away from damage.

There are plenty of brands offering a variety of products for your hair’s health, producing a diverse range of products, from moisturizers to emollient oils.

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