Stunning party dresses

How many times do we stare at our wardrobe saying “I have nothing to wear”?

The struggle is real, especially when you have to attend a specific situation, from a cocktail party to a religious ceremony. So, what to wear in each of these situations?

The golden rules to remember when you choose a party dress are:

-Be seasonal

-Choose a smaller bag (totes and capacious bags are not suitable for a party outfit)

-Determine the formality (Each situation has a specific dress code to be followed)

We are here to help, so, below, you will find a selection of occasions and dress ideas and, if you like the article, don’t forget to share it on social networks!

Cocktail party

Online you will find a high number of advices about what to wear at this common kind of party. But, when it comes to us, it does not feel that easy and simple to choose the perfect dress for the occasion.

The advice that we give you is simple and straight to the point: avoid fabrics that are too casual, like jersey and denim, instead go for materials like cashmere, merino-wool or satin.

Go for a tulip dress in a colour which is not too bright or too dark; teal and purple will be the perfect choice

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– Company Party

Be professional but still in line with the event; remember that those are still your co-workers or even you bosses, but, in these informal situations, you can manage to be more relaxed without being out of place.

It’s you to judge, so, if your work place is a conservative environment, dress conservatively for the party and, even though it might be a more relaxed environment never wear anything provocative or people will tend not to take you seriously anymore.

The most indicate choice is a wrap dress in a dark shade, with a pair of “evening-appropriate” shoes.

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