Shoe Trends for Summer 2016

Summer is fast approaching and I know you don’t want to be left behind in the shoes department.  It’s time to show your toes ladies (after a lovely pedicure of course!) and bask in all the sunshine that summer has to offer.  Please don’t be tempted to slip on regular flip flops. Your feet work hard carrying you around, the least you can do is treat them to something nice and fashionable.  Check out these summer 2016 shoe trends that will put some pep in your step. Can you say happy feet?


#1  Lace up flats

shoe 1  Shoe Trends for Summer 2016 shoe 1



Simple flats, with sexy laces.  Lace up flats have taken the fashion world by storm and continues to dominate regular flats.  These are comfy and spells summer.  This footwear is very diverse as you can wear them with literally any outfit and they will look stylish.  Who said that being trendy had to be uncomfortable?


#2  Sneakers

shoe 2  Shoe Trends for Summer 2016 shoe 2


Comfortable and cozy.  Sneakers have always been the go back to footwear. I mean, who doesn’t love sneakers?  I strongly believe that sneakers are ALWAYS trendy.  Everyone should own a good pair of these sporty footwear.


#3  Mules

shoe 3  Shoe Trends for Summer 2016 shoe 3


Bring back the 90’s please. This footwear is the epitome of in and out fashion.  Mules (a backless shoe) might make you look double your age if you are not careful.  Pair these with anything that shows a bit of skin (but not too much) to shoe off the style of the shoe.  There are numerous options you can work with, from high heels to flats, the variety is wide.

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