Ten Black Handbags You Need Right Now

Is there anything more reliable than a good black handbag? Probably not. The handbag has long since been woman’s best friend, and in a solid colour such as black, it is a certified staple in almost every wardrobe ever. How do we know this? Because not only do you own a black handbag, but so does the eleven-year-old girl down the street. You grandmother also owns a black handbag. Your librarian has one stuffed under the desk. The local hairdresser placed hers out back when she came into work this morning. Your neighbour has one. Your best friend owns one. Your mother likely has one too.

And for the real question; why is the humble black handbag such an iconic staple item in so many wardrobes? Is it the vast versatility, the way it works with everything? Is it the sophisticated appeal? The comfort of knowing this has been done many times before? Whatever it is, we’re clear on the fact that everyone has one, wants more, and needs another. We’ve gathered up 10 of ASOS.com‘s best black handbag finds.

fiorelli-mini-harper  Ten Black Handbags You Need Right Now fiorelli mini harper