The Denim Jacket Everybody’s Wearing

It’s chic, edgy, versatile and relaxed. It’s denim. Machine washable and very distinct in colour. The denim cropped jacket. It’s just what you wanted plus more.

Seen on celebrities all over the place, the cropped denim jacket seems to be a distinct feature in the wardrobes of many young starlets. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s a staple colour that complements almost any outfit. Because denim is such a sturdy fabric, a good jacket in this fabric can last decades.

Every girl needs a good steady jacket to throw on when a lazy Saturday morning demands coffee, or when you’re out walking the dogs and there’s a chill wind. It’s practically a necessity. And with the amount of use you’ll get out of it, it’s totally an investment.

kylie-jenner-acne denim jacket The Denim Jacket Everybody's Wearing kylie jenner acne