The Grey Handbag Rage

It’s been a while, but in the name of minimalism, monochrome has steadily taken over our wardrobes. And if you thought the humble handbag would be exempt from the flaming trend, you were incorrect.

With waves of white and black, the dreary yet somewhat comforting hue of grey has entered our lives by storm. We’re surrounded by grey t-shirts and grey knits. Grey pants and grey jackets, and just about every other clothing piece has been reproduced in some shade of grey. And now handbags are rising in the same dull expression, producing a sophisticated, on-trend and versatile piece that you are definitely going to need to buy.

Bag-at-You-Fashion-blog-Pauls-Boutique-Limited-Edition-Grey-handbag-style-blogger Grey Handbag Rage The Grey Handbag Rage Bag at You Fashion blog Pauls Boutique Limited Edition Grey handbag style blogger