The Minimal Jumpsuit: Your New Summer Love

And just when you think the jumpsuit is slowing down on our magazine pages and shopfront windows, it is recreated into a piece that suits a lazy summer’s day perfectly. The minimal jumpsuit. There is so much to love.

The jumpsuit is a peculiar piece that has managed to adapt itself into the fashion world despite it’s gaudy prepositioning in wardrobes universally. It’s walked through stages of formality and the warm summer haze of short lengths and flimsy fabrics. And now, it’s back. And it’s very, very different.

We all know about the minimalistic trend. That baggy, Olsen Twin-esque appeal. Oversized on the next level. And we love it. But have you ever seen it look quite like this?

image1xxl-4  The Minimal Jumpsuit: Your New Summer Love image1xxl 4



The first defining factor of the minimal jumpsuit, is the distinct shapelessness. While lacking shape may feel unfeminine or remotely unappealing, it is more about trend than flattering a figure. The minimal jumpsuit shoots for comfort and revels in an abstract carelessness. It reminds of days walking barefoot. It’s whimsical and childish in it’s loose and baggy nature, and whether you wear it with sharp heels or over a bikini at the beach, we can’t fault it for it’s airy and comfortable design.

image1xxl  The Minimal Jumpsuit: Your New Summer Love image1xxl19