The Statement Bag: 8 Bright Handbags You’ll Love

Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is just a little too minimal? When you look at the hangers, do you see a blur of black and white? Are your shoes all black? Your shirts all white? While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can sometimes seem boring. Yes, it is safe fashion. You will always look sleek and well-dressed. But it can – not always, but sometimes – lack personality. And what is the easiest way to amp up personality in an outfit? Well we would say it’s in a bag. A good statement bag that will bring your outfit up ten levels and add both character and interest to an on-trend look.

It can be difficult to pick statement pieces, but we’ve made it easy for you here. We’ve got eight delicious bag designs that can be thrown together with almost any neutral outfit to create colour and vibrance to your look.

street-style-grey-knit-sweater-blue-bag-light-grey-skinny-jeans-grey-high-tops-black-sunglasses-ivory-coat-1  The Statement Bag: 8 Bright Handbags You'll Love street style grey knit sweater blue bag light grey skinny jeans grey high tops black sunglasses ivory coat 1


Calvin Klein is the first to step in with it’s glossy bright pink bucket bag. It’s definitely a standout piece, and the great thing is…it’s simple enough to work with almost anything. Wear it with your favourite lipstick! Great for those who aren’t yet ready to splash into the really daring statement pieces.

image1xxl-5  The Statement Bag: 8 Bright Handbags You'll Love image1xxl 5