Thick and Shiny Tresses: 8 Foods

Have you ever watched those hair commercials? Like, really watch them?  Well were you ever mesmerized by those thick, shiny tresses?   I have been, time and time again.  Oh, what would women do to have those locks to flash, hold and run their fingers through?  I can imagine that it would be quite delightful.  The envy of other females (and males) would be inevitable.

We aspire to have thick and shiny tresses, so we start to think about adjusting our lifestyles.  New top of the line hair products, more water and doing all these things that we see on the World Wide Web.  But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be working. So, we give up, throw our hands up in the air (and wave them like we just don’t care!) and go out to our beauty supplies store and purchase tracks and bundles (for a ridiculous amount of money.)  But after all those tracks and bundles are gone, what are we left with? Let me answer that; you are left with the thin, dry and dull hair that you started off with in the first place.  Remember ladies, you did not fix the problem, you hid it, covered it up and forgot that one day, it would be back to haunt you.

But have you ever stopped to think that maybe your diet is to blame?  When was the last time you assessed your eating habits?  Never? Can’t remember? Well, I think it’s time.  How else are you going to have all that lovely thick and shiny hair? So, to save you the stress of research, I have provided for you 8 foods for thick and shiny tresses.  Indulge…


#1   Dark Green Veggies

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