This Summer sneakers are the way!

2016 Summer Sneakers Trends

Despite the good weather, people seem to be loving sneakers now more than during winter and we need to keep up with the current and forthcoming trends so that we don’t miss anything.

It’s all good for sportswear stores, such as Foot Locker, whose February income registration has been one of the highest of the whole year, leading to a crazy amount of shoes sold both in sale (from the past collections) and full price.

Indeed, after years of being appealing only to a niche market, New Balance sneakers have made a glorious return in fashion and (coincidence? I think not!) from then onwards, sneakers have all hit peaks in sales.

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The reason why trend setters and fashion lovers are getting crazy over sneakers is because the sportswear catwalks and collections have all been launched a few months ago and, even though prices are now quite high, most of the shoes on sale are brand new and only sported by celebrities so far.

A positive thing about this whole sneakers’ hunt situations is that you can obviously keep them for the winter, even though, with all the new collections being launched soon, we doubt that you will resist to the temptation of buying new shoes!

So, here are the biggest sneakers’ trends; take some notes because you definitely are going to need it!


The hottest trend of the season, as you probably have seen in the streets or on Instagram, is monochrome sneakers. Several brands have produced this model, from All Stars CONVERSE to the Adidas “Superstar Supercolor” made in collaboration with Pharrell Williams, which you can see in the picture below.

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From basic monochrome colours like black and white to the most popping and summer-y like green and yellow, these sneakers are produced in a great variety of colours so that anyone is pleased.