Toenail Designs to Die for

We always tend to make sure that our fingernails are always “on point” and forget about our ten little friends down there. That’s right, I’m talking about your toenails, the forgotten ones when it comes to fashionable designs. Why can’t our toes get the same treatment as our fingers? Are they not worthy? Well, summer is approaching and if you haven’t started already, you can try out these 10 bold toenail designs to stay fashionable because toenails need love too.


#1  Flowers

toe 1  Toenail Designs to Die for toe 1


Flowers are always cute. This cute flower toenail design speaks volumes about your girly personality. The dark base makes the white flowers pop. The use of the bling in the middle adds dimension and style. It is fashionable and cute. What’s not to love?


#2  Tribal Inspired

toe 2  Toenail Designs to Die for toe 2


Play around with this popping pink and black colors to make a tribal inspired statement. This is a bit different from the normal general designs as it is a bit whimsical, but we welcome it just the same. Perfect for summer.


#3  Fourth of July

toe 3  Toenail Designs to Die for toe 3


Plan on slaying on the fourth of July? Then this toenail design is perfect for you.  The separation of colors makes this design quite unique. The blue base and white stars solely on the big toe and the red and white stripes on the smaller ones is quite a good idea. It doesn’t seem overly crowded at all. Everyone will love them. Happy celebrating!

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