Trending: What’s New In Denim 2016?

Don’t you just love jeans? A good pair of denim cutoffs, or a worn set of boyfriend-style jeans can go a long way in elevating style and increasing comfort to the maximum degree. The thing about jeans is that they are without doubt, one of the biggest staples in anyone’s wardrobe. Whether you’re personal favourite is black skinny jeans, or a faded blue vintage wash, we can bet that you’ve got at least a couple pairs lurking in your current wardrobe.

And why wouldn’t you? Other than being of a completely versatile nature, denim somehow just manages to add that extremely casual-cool relaxed, I just woke up vibe without coming off as try hard. It’s not easy to look down-to-earth while wearing six-inch stilettos and a leather shirt, but with some blue denim, it’s possible.

And while a good fitting pair of denim jeans are eternal, we can’t avoid the way trends have managed to swallow up our classic denim. It’s not a bad thing. And yes, those blue jeans from ’95 will always be perfect. But if you’re up for making even your I just woke up outfits completely in line with vogue style, here’s what you should be looking out for at the moment.

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Mid-rise jeans. No, it has not gone out of style. While high-rise jeans briefly erupted before scuttling back into the shadows, mid-rise denim has lasted. And for one reason: They flatter like no other denim.

There’s no part of the body a woman dislikes quite like her stomach fat. And with a pair of fitted mid-rise jeans, those wobbly bits can be instantly made invisible. It’s magic, really, the way those mid-rise jeans hold you firmly in the shape of a better-looking version of yourself. No wonder everyone’s still obsessing over them.

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