Wedding guest dresses UK

Attending a wedding has two main aspects; it is, of course, a pleasure to witness two people who we care about (most of the times) promising each other eternal love. On the other side, being invited to a wedding means starting a never ending research for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories because, otherwise, you would look like someone who did not put enough effort in preparing for the occasion.

For these reasons, there two kind of wedding guests: those who managed the perfect dress to feel comfortable and in accordance with the situation and those who have decided to exaggerate and tried to look even better than the spouses.

The latter, in fact, is the worst category of people because, we all know that a wedding is, or at least should be, once in a lifetime, so trying to throw shade on the groom and, even worse, on the bride, is a really bad move.

Because of this, there are several key rules to follow when choosing a wedding guest dress or frock, the first and well-known is avoiding white dresses. We are to help, so read the article and you will surely find the right inspiration to look amazing and appropriate at a wedding.

Although the following dresses are all amazing, don’t forget to wear a jacket or a shawl for the religious ceremony. Have a look below!

short wedding guest dress with milica jacket  Wedding guest dresses UK short wedding guest dress with milica jacket


You prefer floral dresses and bright colours? Here are some variations that you may like, from the midi to the maxi dresses.

-Tulip vintage tank dress

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Otherwise. if you decide to go for a dress with slimmer straps, you might like the following model.

-Slim straps srping dress

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If you cannot decide whether you prefer mini of maxi dresses, an asymmetric dress is the perfect choice for you.