Winter Statement Piece: Camel Coats

Neutral and classic, the camel coat is one piece that your winter wardrobe will thank you for,  year after year after year.

Winter is a difficult time to shop, because outwear tends to be pricier than the thin cotton dresses of the warmer months. On top of that, the lure of staying under covers in bed on the weekend, while the weather outside is grim and cold, is far more desirable than pushing through crowded stores. This is why it’s important to research what you really need for your winter wardrobe before you actually shop. And what do you need? A camel coat. The one piece that will just last and last, enduring through every trend, age and style. Introducing the camel coat, your new staple item.

dsc0477  Winter Statement Piece: Camel Coats dsc0477