Runway Trends For Winters 2015-2016

For the Winters 2015-2016, Victoria blacks and white, rustic and unpretentious tribal designs and adaptation of the militants is the hottest trend. Specifically, you can even notice a great comeback from the 70’s and 80’s on the ramp – yes, all the renowned designers displayed the glimpses on the ramp from the these decades. above everything, one should always celebrate the personal style, otherwise there would be nothing to cherish.

What’s Hot and what to opt?

Winter trends mentioned from the runway would make your winters 2015-2016 styles even rocking. Look at the options that can add something exciting to your wardrobe:

1: Picturesque Blacks and Whites:

Optical illusion can be created by adopting zebra prints, diamond prints, stripes and checks. You can cherish the style to infinity and rock your winters.

3 Runway Trends For Winters 2015-2016 Runway Trends For Winters 2015-2016 33