Worst Celebrity Dresses – For Stardom?

How can worst celebrity dresses earn them stardom and push to spotlight? You may find this weird or cheap but for many it is mere publicity stunt. C’mon, why would someone dress all outrageous and walk out to events like Oscars and Grammys? Why do they dress up all pretty and gorgeous throughout the year and opt to wear the worst dresses on a 7-star event? This is one way of being in the limelight for a while or may be forever? Wont you consider it an achievement if Lady Victoria or Jenifer Lopez make it up to the list of those who are considered worst dressed celebrity of all times?

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The choice of the dress or the designer or the makeup and colors may lead to embarrassment for  the celebrities. The biggest trend in the worst dressed celebrities is the choice of sheer dresses – this might not be of a much concern to you or many, but you are going to go crazy once you are prone to the collection we have gathered for you. one viewpoint to this analysis may be that celebrities want to look DIFFERENT. Well, in that case, they must revamp their definitions for being different and not outrageous; you can always be classy and sassy and get all the desired attention. You don’t have to be Gaga, Nikki Minaj or Miley Cyrus and strive to name the throne of worst dressed celebrity. With so much of curiosity now, let’s see who wore cheap dresses on various finest evenings.

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