Worst diets, BEWARE!

This is really sad to mention that some of the most delicious eatables are competing with each other to secure the first rank in the race of worst diets food items. These items don’t only push us to horrendous weight gain but also we tend to look ugly! No one likes bulges and pounds coming out from the tummy, hips, arms and thighs. One needs to consume up to 2000 calories each day to function actively, but these calories should be coming from the following eatables:

1: French Fries:

Say to no these drugs! They are the yummiest eatables ever, but sadly they boost the fat accumulation in the areas like tummy and hips.

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The cheesy fries are absolute Yum, but say NO!

2  Worst diets, BEWARE! 2


2: Chocolate shakes:

Either in the form of instant drinks, ready made available for one from any retail outlet, a chocolate shake is going to make you FAT! This does not provide you with any source of energy, but only gives you lots and lots of ugly pounds.

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