Yeezy Sneakers – Worth It?

It’s 2016, and Yeezy sneakers have interrupted our fashion feeds more than once. It seems that every It Girl and their mother is prancing around in the oversized, overpriced, neutral toned iconic shoes. Apparently, these sneakers are the must have item of the season. And why? Aren’t they just sneakers?

Answer: No. No, they are not ‘just sneakers’. These are Yeezy sneakers, fashion offspring of Kanye West himself. And if you weren’t prepared to pay upwards of 98 pounds before now, then think again. Because after seeing the effortlessly cool and casual appeal of the Yeezy sneakers, you’ll be scouring online stores to find your own.

celebrities-wearing-yeezys Yeezy Sneakers Yeezy Sneakers - Worth It? celebrities wearing yeezys